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Deborah James

Ariran/Psychic Spiritual Advisory

Welcome to Empathic Love & Light Coven, I go by the Pisces Empath Oracle and was given the name Deborah at birth baring the power of 7 both numerically and astrologically as a Pisces Deacon. Born medium, clairvoyant and Witch. I’m 38 years old and for the past 8 years, I have increased the scope of my gifts. My mother named me Deborah because she was the only female Judge in the Bible. My biological mother passed the night of the Super Blood Moon January 21st, 2019, it was her who’d bestowed my veil upon me at birth because she was veiled also. I grew up thinking and feeling much differently in my approach to life than my peers and wise beyond my years. Throughout my life I’ve primarily had flashes and visions when going about my day, as a youth I was very aware of spiritual energies and learned to ignore them out for fear of being ostracized. In 2012, I started to ascend into my Spiritually Awakened journey, one so deep and ecliptic I started to naturally practice the spiritual disciplines of witchcraft eventually I began to unlock my ancestral DNA embodying the gift of numerology and developed clairvoyance. It became instinctual to do root work and conjuring. Since a young child I’ve always had an innate interest in African Egyptian history so there was no surprise when I learned my DNA hails from Togo, Benin, Ghana and Author-Caucasus Navajo. Furthering my studies I was able to learn that astrological programming occurs at birth there for I am a product of Isis and Osiris, the Starry Twins the Oracle of The God Osiris. Through meditation I was able to learn of my ancient soul and previous life which further validated my life’s purpose. As a Docent of African American history being interested in metaphysics led me to meditation and yoga for its spiritual Chakra health. As a Root Worker I became certified in Holistic Health to reset my Circadian Rhythm and to heal the body and the cells that carry our Ancestors. Today I stand in my truth armed with ancestral wisdom ready to use my gift to heal others. Did I peak your interest? Welcome to my page...get comfy... Stay awhile! Heal yourself in my waters and learn something.

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