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Righteous by nature, wicked by circumstance!

Sunday, September 17th, 2023

There’s no other way to start this conversation off so I will just get to it! Society is perpetuating homosexuality like the oxygen we breathe. We don’t raise our children as best we can. I remember Oprah saying one day on her show as it related to her upbringing that, “no child is raised unscathed.” Think about it, a 13-year-old in most third world countries is more mature with a better work ethic than the average 25-year-old in America. The West tends to prolong adolescence to an absurd degree even escaping accountability. For example, Hunter Biden is 53, yet he’s perceived in the media as a twenty-something, college student for his crimes, and many other celebrities because in our society we don’t prioritize maturity.

Our Western culture sexualizes children very early. For instance, why are third graders, twerking, singing explicit songs, perpetuating social norms through social media teaching them about sex, masturbation, homosexuality, and transgender-ism and prepubescent children having the choice of genital removal before they know what they’re for? Young ladies have Suki, and Sexxy Redds as examples, singing about eating ass and the color of their booty holes like eww. Did you know 12% of 12-year-olds in the US are already sexually active as well that’s from a study 10 years ago so you can expect that percentage is even higher now and 6.5% of them have actually engaged in anal sex by the age of 12. There are also youth who experience the dark side of sports as they're pressured to perform, maintain insane body standards, and have certain social pressures while being mentally groomed by parents, mentors, peers, and coaches to be sexually abused and exploited for money and favors. The majority of sex offenders in the West victimize children and 90% of sexual assaults aren’t reported, and usually at the hands of so called "family," so imagine the real number of pedophiles. Many of the victims are ignored or told they’re liars, justified through chastisement, and in most cases, there's an intricately woven chain of friends, truckers, police, officials, and affluent individuals who ensure they're never heard. Many of them are sex worker/sex trafficking clientele meaning there are so many cases currently in the US of hundreds of missing children at a time disappearing which I'm sure it's no coincidence. Yet Authorities hey can somehow track down an escaped inmate in Pennsylvania, produce images and footage in real time of him, and capture him with thermal heat technology aircraft and tactical search dogs.

All the young, up-and-coming Rappers are in tight clothes, rocking mid-drift tops, heels, platforms, dual-gendered attire, wigs, weave, and nail polish. Scroll through your social media platform and you will notice gay men of every ethnicity, all over the world, and culture, gyrating in all shapes, and ages, doing hair, and make-up, dressing in androgynous clothing and whatever “core” attire, masquerading in women’s apparel. Creating content, emulating, black women primarily, and women. These people are the influential individuals behind your life coaches, rappers, realtors, bankers, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, communications/P.R. managers, record label executives/CEO, food service/events managers, industry creatives, and makeup artists. Then there's all the current culture and behaviors of gay and trans men telling women how to be women, even how they should keep a man or be hypersexual women. There are barely any physically natural women nowadays with the 15% male sexual fluidity increase over the last decade and up trend in trans-identifying as women to the point where the mainstream surgical enhancements have integrated "Cis"-gendered women's standards of beauty as an obscene standard of beauty. Why do we as women now have “Cis” in our gender terminology when it sounds like sissy, a term for a timid, soft, overly sensitive male? Calling us Natural-born females “sis,” now must share restrooms with them. I remember knowing of a child seven years younger than myself being deliberately neglected physically and emotionally by his mother as a toddler. He’d twerk, do splits, and act very femininely like his mother. Eventually, it was found out that he’s been touched by another family member. This is how many of our young men are reared.

I have attracted gay and down-low men for years and even unknowingly dated and have been in relationships with them to where I know the red flags. Many of them hide in plain sight with wives and girlfriends, choosing careers, roommates, homeboys, and robust social lives to hide who they really are. Many of them have experienced childhood trauma lifestyles that led to their lifestyle choices but will never be transparent with the women about any of their traumas or sexual nature out of fear of judgment and exploitation.

Since the beginning of time in the entertainment industry gay stylists have set industry beauty standards behind the scenes and now, we have a society of men and women with overtones reminiscent of drag queens who have created a standard of beauty by altering their bodies to compete with these trans-men who are becoming less and less distinguishable for this very reason. I have always wondered what the trigger was for this type of behavior in those who want to change their natural gender and appear as the opposite gender. There’s a deeper reason which can be considered dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is thought to be a complex psychological condition that is likely caused by many factors, including severe trauma during early childhood (usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse).

What are the Symptoms of a dissociative disorder?

· Feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you.

· forgetting about certain time periods, events, and personal information.

· feeling uncertain about who you are.

· having multiple distinct identities.

· feeling little or no physical pain.

When: The generation before us, Generation X: born 1965-1984 chased money to their detriment.

The Millennials: born 1985-1996 are chasing balance!

The generation after, Generation Z: born 1997-2012 are chasing experiences!

Many of these generations experienced sexual abuse and over the years have perpetuated the fraternal birth order effect (FBOE describes the phenomenon that homosexual men tend to have a greater number of older brothers than heterosexual men). The FBOE is a marker for an innate, biological predisposition for androphilia in genotypic males. Going from the Silent Generation being sexually abused, then that learned behavior led to the Baby Boomer Generation being abused and metastasized by the Crack Epidemic with absentee parents developing a generation of Latch Key Millennials who were also abused but chose to openly live gay with the uprise of those identifying as trans, with bi-polar and dissociative disorders becoming widely accepted, Generation Z, as a result of sexual abuse by all generations resulting in non-binary and core identity groups. The current generation: is Generation Alpha born 2013-2025 is not interested in reproducing for all the above-mentioned reasons! A lot of today’s youth are hypersexual, lack emotion, have an extreme sense of entitlement and insatiable need to be number one, self-centered, dominant as a person, and act socially aggressive. I believe this was part of the doctrine of willingness to be a sneaky link to perceived "taken heterosexual" males.

Consistent mental programming fuels hypersexuality and is defined as an increased need or pressure for sexual gratification and a symptom of mania, including decreased inhibitions or a need for "forbidden" sex. Think about that, “Forbidden Sex” and as I stated previously the male sexual fluidity has increased over the last decade. The advent of social media, apps, and cell phones at our fingertips makes “Forbidden Sex” that much more accessible. Did you know hypersexuality is listed as one of the diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorder, so it's a standard part of bipolar disorder? BIPOLAR DISORDER! Yes, you read that right and we’ve all attended Sex Ed class in school. In life, we all eventually discover our sexual selves, and this can occur at any time and at any age. Between hormones in adolescents and adults, the limbic system regulates arousal through physical sensation, seeing sensual content or sexual fantasies releasing serotonin and cortisol. Once we experience the first phase of the sexual response cycle (SRC) you’ll forever chase that high.

Did you know the brain's frontal lobe is home to key components of the neural circuitry underlying “executive functions” such as planning, working memory, and impulse control, are among the last areas of the brain to mature; they may not be fully developed until halfway through the third decade of life per the National Institute of Health. That’s why when we as children experience various types of loss most lack coping skills that should have been developed to regulate feelings of injustice and self-control. Over the course of their life toxic characteristics like jealousy, insecurities, and negative thoughts develop and fester. Eventually compounding those characteristics to a lack of empathy and difficulty managing emotions. Feelings of inadequacy induce pain in the brain when they feel attacked, mistreated, or socially rejected. These individuals have high neuroticism experience continued anger and hostility and will seek to avenge the perceived loss as a betrayal.

The act of sex encompasses our values, attitudes, feelings, interactions, and behaviors therefore if you don’t know who you are or haven’t healed from any severe trauma experiences as a child and throughout life, the type of sex you engage in will reflect your values. Conclusion: Detachment means disconnecting from things that are of less importance, in order to walk in our purpose. Sustaining from certain behaviors, people, places and things that influence the dark side of ourselves is a personal choice and after 21 days of repetition, it becomes a habit, there for everything boils down to your choices. Many of us don't understand you are not what happened to you.

It’s okay to show and feel emotions, we aren’t often taught how to experience our emotions in a healthy way but not it’s never a positive outcome when internalizing them to the point of debilitation or mental collapse. What can be done to restore the mental health of the males affected by traumatic experiences would be to develop a strong male, masculine presence with transparency while providing a safe space for emotional maturity. Encouraging males to be vocal about abuse of any kind immediately, without shaming, or victim blaming, teaching them how to identify a good touch and a bad touch in formative years, teaching everyone to identify the signs of sexual grooming, creating a transparent conversation about pedophilia sexual exploitation sex and by exposing pedophiles. As women, we can provide the same to female victims of sexual trauma, and as mothers, aunts, sisters, and women by providing more supervision, recognizing the signs, discussing the perceptions of women, who have been abused and creating a safe space to tell their story and be supported as well,.

Like let’s be real here, what are we advocating for? What exactly are we celebrating by "Coming out of the closet." I feel as if their coming out is their way of acknowledging that no one spoke up for them and taking their power back in an effort to step out with a badge of honor for their traumatic circumstances and for social acceptance after not being socially accepted. When we as a society in all cultures go to celebrations/commencement ceremonies and such for achievements, we wear our Sunday's best dress attire but on Gay Pride Day/Month ironically during Men's Mental Health Month, and Father's Day these participants and honorees dress a scantily clad as if for a sex party/parade with different Core Genre's. There's also no coincidence this generation of children like the indigo, crystal, and Starseed children of the prior generations also possess supernatural traits and are named "Rainbow Children" just like the symbol for homosexuality in a generation that also identifies as non-binary.

These types can also come across as dark empaths as a choice to their trauma. I often meet people or happen to be in the company of people who are too “nice.” They even seem to say yes to everything, they may love to bomb you, and appear so understanding that their charm makes it hard not to be taken in. Beware, these types of people may hide something sinister beneath the surface if you aren't discerned enough to see them for who they are. Many suffer from neglect and have the inability to form and maintain positive bonds with others emotionally and many of us lack the maturity to friend check those around us. Let’s all do our part to break the paradigm of low vibrations, toxic behavior, and trauma projections and start holding these adults accountable for their mental, emotional, and sexual sicknesses. Seeking counseling, therapy, and educating, yourselves and those around you, especially these children is the only way to shift our society's paradigm after all, “We’re all righteous by nature and wicked by circumstance.” Don’t let this world make you wicked nor embody behaviors and principles that go against the spirit. Your traumas don't have to be your identity and speaking from experience.

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