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Seeing Through God's Eyes

In ancient times, See’ers as I like to call those with psychic gifts were often revered and respected for their supposed abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm and receive messages from the gods.  What’s crazy is growing up feeling spiritual entities and dark entities moving around without a body. See’ers were seen as energetic conduits as intermediaries between humans and the divine, and people sought their guidance and insight on just about anything in life even important matters such as the outcome of battles, the success of crops, and personal decisions. Do you know how tough it is to dumb myself down to have a human experience at the frequency of the closed minded and spiritually afflicted?


Consulted by rulers and leaders for advice and predictions, and their words, believed to have the power to shape the course of events we are also seen as healers and spiritual guides, offering spiritual guidance and protection to those in need. So, I always wondered why African Americans act like it’s an abomination yet devilment like mischievous or naughty behavior, often with a close association to evil or wicked intentions isn't viewed as such which many church going Christians hypocritically embody with their state of mischief or chaos, often causing trouble or harm to others. Psychic abilities have historically played a significant role in both African American and African cultures. In African American culture, psychic abilities are often seen as a form of evil or voodoo connection and intuition, rooted in traditions of African spirituality and the experiences of enslaved Africans in America. Many African Americans have turned to Christianity as opposed to their heritage of psychics, mediums, and spiritual advisors for guidance and support in navigating life's challenges. To my surprise I’ve found that African American women practice forms of witchcraft, from blood magic, to gossiping aka casting spells, using divination tools, and invoking certain evil deities which is not the same as having a psychic gift or being spiritually enlightened. 


It’s always refreshing when I’m able to talk to someone raised in African culture. I feel seen, accepted, and understood with my psychic abilities which in their culture is deeply ingrained in traditional beliefs and practices and was ingrained in our enslaved and unenslaved ancestors. In many African societies, spiritual healers, diviners, and mediums play important roles in addressing personal and communal issues, such as illness, conflict resolution, and spiritual guidance. Psychic abilities are often seen as a gift from the ancestors or the divine, and individuals who possess such abilities are highly respected and sought after for their insight and wisdom which my grandmother, and mother passed down to me and me, to my youngest daughter. Which around 1995, I found out just how strong my gift was when my brother Knuck died and showed up to me in my dreams immediately after his passing and remained in my energy, and I saw butterflies seemingly popping off of clothes, cards, decorations, and seeing Mrs. Carolyn Gill (she took an interest in me) in my dreams throughout my life, the list grew longer when my grandfather Harden passed in 1996 and the list just continued to grow. Its also strange realizing not everyone can hear God's voice nor see and feel their loved ones which was the case with a few immediate relatives i'd witnessed loose a spouse and never sensed their presence. I realized my gift of “Sight” was not just my only spiritual gift but that I also had angelic rank. You see I like many of God’s chosen ones, had a life of pain, disappointment, sabotaging earns that rank which is why it is not possible to successfully "destiny swap" an Earth Angel. I’ve been present and forewarned when people are about to transition or while transitioning. I remember when I realized this specifically during the time I was staying with my grandmother and had to answer phone calls in the wee hours in the morning and had to convey to her that her son’s Eddie and Rocky had passed and not long after that I’d watched Gimme Me a Project Chick video while dying pickled eggs with Uncle Warren before his passing from a seizure in his room right after i'd just left out my grandmother’s house. All three passed in less than 90 days of one another and they say death comes in threes.

When you loved on and were attentive to those loved ones who've passed on while they were on the earth plane, show their love, protection, and appreciation. They show up and show out in a mighty way but only to those spiritually entuned enough to receive them. Imagine investigating through another's eyes people's spirits, revealing truths and in this case, my eyes. A lot of y'all would lose your ever-loving mind and others would probably dismiss it in order to manage through life because not all energies are peaceful lol. I was born in darkness and comfortable with darkness ever since, hell I cornrow my hair better with my eyes closed and love solitude. I get all types of downloads, synchronicities, and knowing's. Some gifts are bestowed by God upon them as a See'er, I have several of my father’s (YHWH) gifts.  

  1. Precognition: the ability to see future events before they happen. 

  2. Remote Viewing: the ability to see and describe distant locations or events that the clairvoyant could not know about through normal means. 

  3. Aura Reading: the ability to perceive and interpret energy fields surrounding individuals. 

  4. Object Reading: the ability to gain information about an object or person by touching it. 

  5. Mediumship: the ability to communicate with spirits or entities from the spirit world. 

  6. Psychometry: the ability to gain information about an object or person by touching or holding it. 

  7. Dream clairvoyance: the ability to receive visions or information through dreams.  As God's child, I have a specific purpose or mission destined to be fulfilled in this lifetime. My unique energy, gifts, and qualities are essential for the greater good. Many prophets, seer'ers and earth angels experience attempts from others to alter or disrupt their and my destiny could have grave or negative consequences for them and those around them. It is important to respect and support the purpose and path of prophets, seer'ers and earth angels, rather than trying to manipulate or change it. Overall, psychic and prophetic abilities are valued and respected in African cultures, serving as a means of connecting with the spiritual realm, seeking guidance, and understanding the mysteries of life. These abilities are often viewed as a natural part of the human experience and are deeply intertwined with cultural beliefs and practices.  However, there were also instances where psychics were viewed with suspicion and fear, especially if their predictions were seen as threatening or if they were believed to be using their abilities for personal gain. In some cases, psychics were persecuted and even killed for their supposed powers, as they were seen as a threat to the established order and religious beliefs. The Salem Witch Trials (1692), Europe's witch hunts (14th-18th centuries), The Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834) and I know y’all know about Harriet Tubman and her visions, blind faith, fearlessness, man hunt and lastly the The Red Scare. In my case I had people try to destiny swap as if God would go recreate them lol! I’m talking day in and out since October 2020 when I found out my identity was stolen to keep inheritances, their secret lifestyles, and certain damaging information from getting out. Literrally every person i'd associated with or be friended were paid or bribed to come against me and had whole communities coming for me (58th Street, 37th Street, 21st Street, Lincoln Heights, Clay Terrace, Kenilworth, Mayfair, Minnesota Avenue, East Gate, Benning Park, Benning Gardens, The Pentacles I & II, Deanwood, Landover M.D., Glenarden M.D., Surrattsville High School Graduates, Clinton, M.D., Seat Pleasant M.D., District Heights M.D., Capitol Heights M.D., baby they even had inmates from Philly, Hebrews, Moors, Masons, Scottish Rights, a few dirty cops, dirty judges, dirty lawyers, cyber stalking, gang stalking, destruction and vandalizing my home, following me in public, one broad even bought every item I liked on Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop, blocking book tool apps preventing psychic reading clients, sending karmic lovers, lying on me and even using my children! Just ignorant, just to have a few dollars and some clout because my spiritual gifts and pureness of my spirit triggered envy, jealousy, and hate with in them. This is weird because all ancient history depicts family, public, and officials killing, destroying, and invalidating prophets, seer'er and earth angels. Overall, the treatment of psychics in ancient times varied depending on the cultural, social, and political context, but they were generally considered to possess a special and powerful ability to connect with the supernatural world. There are a few reasons why some people may be afraid of psychics outside of the ignorant sh*t I’ve experienced is fear of the unknown. Psychics have abilities that can’t always scientifically be proven or understood by most people and mainstream society choosing to fear and skepticism without fully understanding or believing in their abilities. Some people may be afraid of psychics because they worry about deceived by someone claiming to have psychic powers. Personally, what do I have to gain by lying about my psychic abilities just to be ostracized. Miss Cleo was the biggest instance of fraud and exploitation in the psychic industry, which can make people wary of seeking out psychic readings. Belief in psychic abilities often involves belief in the supernatural or spiritual realm, which can be unsettling for those who do not subscribe to these beliefs who fear the supernatural. The idea of psychics being able to tap into unknown forces or energies is frightening for some individuals which is wild in a world full of blatant evil and demonic energies.   Psychics are often associated with providing insights and predictions about a person's future or inner thoughts and emotions triggering a fear of facing uncomfortable truths. Afraid of facing uncomfortable truths or realities about themselves that a psychic may reveal during a reading can leave one feeling naked. Overall, fear of psychics can stem from a lack of understanding, skepticism, previous negative experiences, or personal beliefs and fears about the supernatural and unknown. Belief in psychics and the unseen is ultimately a personal decision. Some people find comfort and guidance in psychic readings, while others may be skeptical or not believe in the concept at all. It is important for individuals to approach these beliefs with an open mind and consider the potential benefits or drawbacks. And by an “Open Mind,” I mean being receptive to new ideas, perspectives, beliefs, and experiences. It involves being willing to consider alternative viewpoints, being accepting of differences, and being open to changing one's own beliefs and opinions based on new information. An open mind allows for growth, learning, and greater understanding of the world and those around us.  Ultimately, the decision to believe in psychics or the unseen should be based on personal experiences, beliefs, and values. There is anecdotal evidence and personal experiences that points to the existence of spirits or ghosts, these claims and can’t be scientifically replicated. The existence of spirits is a topic that falls more into the realm of belief and personal experiences, rather than scientific fact in order to make sense to some people.   I’m just saying there are many religions that incorporate stories or symbols related to the sun or a sun god, and I'm sure is not coincidence for a world of over 4,300 religions the story of the Son of God is prominent, I wonder why? Some examples include Ancient Egyptian beliefs in the god Ra, Hindu beliefs in the sun god Surya, and Native American beliefs in the sun as a powerful deity. Greater than we, whether it be a higher power, a cause, or a set of values. It gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in life. It can be a source of comfort, guidance, and motivation to make a positive impact in the world. Believing in something can bring hope, connection, and a sense of community with others who share similar beliefs. It can also provide strength and resilience during difficult times. So, whether it's faith, love, justice, or kindness, believing in something can enrich our lives and make us better individuals but most of all do know some of our souls are Ancient who sees the unseen and are protected by a 5D angelic realm of protection and divine light…. don’t be the non-believer! In closing I leave you with this, "Out of sight, out of mind” yet “Seeing is believing,” because "What you see is what you get” for "The eyes are the window to the soul," “Looks can be deceiving,” and "Sometimes the most important things are invisible to the naked eye" and remember “What remains unseen often holds the most power."  "Always trust that everyone to be themselves but trust in the fact you can see them well." -DMX

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