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The Fountain of "You"-th!

Updated: Apr 28

I have been young looking my whole life to the point that I wanted to be “grown-looking.” Funny because I remember clubbing with my cousin Keyonna who was 19 attending Bowie State and I was just 16. We went to club Y2K! Ha, what a time to be alive! I remember splitting my leather pants from dancing and retrieving my cousin from the second club entrance to the Indian/Ethiopian section which was funny because she looked like them. As I put my 25 and older wristband in the air as the DJ instructed, I noticed my DC CAPs counselor, in a purple suit heavily side-eyeing me. I didn’t care because who told his Mississippi or Louisiana ass to move to DC and party with Howard University students in a purple suit!?  Why was his old ass partying with youngins anyway?


Which brings me to my point, why are todays over 50 crew obsessed with looking, acting, and appearing young? It’s like they’re obsessed with youth! Especially in DC, you can go to a GO-GO, local bar, courthouse, and church and I promise you, there you’ll see gray-haired adults in heels, spandex, new balances, labels, and pretentious attitudes everywhere. You can look at any social media platform and find millions of the Baby Boomer’s and Generation X’ers with plastic surgery and luxurious lifestyles everywhere. What’s the reason? Nah for real this has been bothering me because my entire life I was menaced for being younger by my older foster cousins who were obsessed with looking, appearing, and acting younger than they were. When I looked at many of their peers, they surrounded themselves with I noticed they had thee SAME SUPERFICIAL MINDSETS AND needed to appear and OUT DO THE NEXT, even those younger than them. Growing up I’d admired a few of my older female foster relatives, mainly for how they appeared and because that was the culture in our family and community. Even now I get a good chuckle when I look online and see some of these older females dressed in body suits looking like superheroes, draped logo clothing labels looking like Ms. Piggy, or worse riding around in all these used, buy here pay here foreign cars, large SUV Trucks blasting 2024 rap and at every bar, VFW, the liquor store or someones bottle. Some afforded tummy tucks, face fillers, mole removal, skin resurfacing, foot surgeries, breast implants, reductions, lifts, gastric bypass, gastric sleeves, lipo suction, and more chileeeee in my NeNe Leakes voice. Nene Leakes is a prime example of those chasing youth.


It's like everyone wants a quick fix and a superficial idea of youth, beauty, and acceptance. Who remembers the movie, Death Becomes Her that came out back in 1992 with Bruce Willis playing Dr. Ernest Menville, and his two ex-wives Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn? The Dr. was both women’s ex-husband and he performed multiple plastic surgeries to keep them looking young and wealthy. Let’s dig deeper into the cause of why our society has adopted this same ideology.


The fascination with the Baby Boomers Generation and Generation X often stems from their significant impact on society and culture. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are known for their large numbers and role in shaping the post-World War II era. They experienced economic prosperity, social changes, and cultural movements such as the civil rights movement and the counterculture of the 1960s. Folks was owning thangs legitimately in the black communities.


Generation X, born between 1965 and 1984, came of age during a time of economic instability, plagued by the Drug Pandemic, Aids Pandemic, and the Gun Pandemic which looking back we now identify and call them plandemics, and technological advancements. They are often seen as independent (Latch Key children), entrepreneurial, and adaptable individuals who have faced challenges such as economic recessions, globalization, and rapid technological changes. Both generations have influenced various aspects of society, including politics, business, and popular culture. Throughout this time one primary means of fast money and idea of wealth in African American communities came from Drug Dealers, Pimps, Loan Sharks, Pool Halls, and lodges. The fascination with them may stem from nostalgia, curiosity, or a desire to understand their perspectives and experiences. Choosing to remain young minded to adapt to social order and to better relate and understand current social issues and trends.

There are a few reasons why older people may be obsessed with looking and acting young scientifically and statistically though;


1. Societal Pressure: There is a societal expectation that youth is equated with beauty, vitality, and success. Older adults may feel pressure to look and act young to fit in and be accepted in a society that values youthfulness.

2. Fear of Aging: Aging can bring about physical and mental changes that can be difficult for some people to accept. By trying to look and act young, older adults may be attempting to hold onto their youth and avoid facing the realities of aging.

3. Self-esteem: Looking and feeling young can boost one's self-esteem and confidence. Older adults may believe that maintaining a youthful appearance will help them feel more attractive and desirable. Reassurance and validation that they lacked in their youth.

4. Health and Wellness: Taking care of oneself physically and staying active can contribute to overall health and well-being as we age. Some older adults may believe that looking and acting young will help them stay physically fit and mentally sharp.


Overall, the reasons why older people may be obsessed with looking and acting young can vary from individual to individual. It is important to remember that aging is a natural part of life and that there is beauty and wisdom that comes with growing older. For some as they age, they’re able to sustain their jobs longer or have tenure in their careers and seek to want the flashy material possessions and the illusion of money trying to outdo the next. For some having had or currently having fast money can have both positive and negative effects on individuals who lacked resources as children. On one hand, it can provide immediate relief from financial struggles and allow them to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. It can also boost their self-esteem and sense of control over their lives. However, fast money can also have negative consequences. It may lead to reckless spending and financial mismanagement, as individuals who lacked resources as children may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to handle sudden wealth responsibly. Additionally, fast money can attract people looking to take advantage of the newfound wealth, leading to potential scams and exploitation.


Furthermore, fast money can create unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitlement, which can strain relationships with family and friends. It may also exacerbate feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, as individuals may struggle to adjust to their new financial status and the expectations that come with it. Overall, the effect of fast money on individuals who lacked resources as children will depend on how they navigate and manage the sudden influx of wealth. And as you know wealth is health and vice versus.


From age 29 I began to shift mindsets and although I’d always appreciated the little things and was kind to others, I felt motivated to become more spiritual. I began to change my diet which was never bad, but I began to understand homeopathic healing methods and felt more tapped into who I was already. Over these last 12 years, I have reset my circadian rhythm to the point I don’t feel weighed down by societal pressure, fear of aging, or suffer from low self-esteem and I’m health-conscious and mentally and spiritually focused. The ancients believed that the secret to youth was a combination of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and getting plenty of sleep, as well as using natural remedies and treatments for skincare and overall health. Some common beliefs included the use of essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients to promote health and vitality. Additionally, some cultures believed in the power of spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, to maintain youthfulness and overall well-being. At the end of the movie, Death Becomes Her, both women realize eternal life and youth didn't make them happy nor heal what was broken as the world advanced and their peers died. In three generations, no one will know nor remember you. Realize that superficiality and physical possessions can’t fill that hole of loss, childhood trauma, lacking, and eventually, the human body will break down no matter what you do. Aging and death are two things that are inevitable in this life. It is believed and proven that by being peaceful, prayerful, meditative, kind, and you will find yourself looking young forever such as in the case of Nun Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster whose body didn't deteriorate, and the same for Monk Dashi-Dorzho. In conclusion, find yourself a spiritual discipline, conduct random acts of kindness, and invest in healthier eating! Some of y'all stomachs and big buttocks be sticking out full of poop but dripped in Gucci or lymphedema ankles and bad feet in red bottoms is not cute!

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